House of Design - Web Development & Graphic Design Consultants, Dublin, Ireland

What We Do

About Us

House of Design was founded by Paul Harkin in 1996. For all of us here, design is both a profession and a real love. With that said, before we put "pen to paper", we take sufficient time at the outset of each engagement to fully understand the commercial and communication goals that need to be achieved. Achieving the very best quality and latest creative standards is always our goal. For design to be effective, creative talent needs to be matched by in-depth technical know-how. Technology in the web and print industries is rapidly shifting and evolving; in turn we are constantly learning and innovating to ensure we operate with the very best-practice standards that are out there.

Web Design & Development

The web is our future. Whether it’s for mobile, tablet or desktop, great website design has to achieve unbelievably high standards in visual aesthetic, best-practice coding, user-friendliness and search engine optimisation. And that’s the way it should be: we know because our team of designers and programmers consistently build outstanding sites that guarantee your organisation enjoys the latest web advancements and tools that we bring to every job.

Responsive web design and mobile functionality is now a critical must-have for every business. Mobile content consumption will soon be the global standard - and it’s vital to make sure your brand is right there on the frontline. Optimising websites for mobile helps increase page loading times, lowers bounce rates, boosts time spent on your site and establishes trust. That means good news for your all-important search rankings - in April 2015, Google that ‘mobile friendly’ websites will be favoured in search engine results. Our team will ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Print Design

Graphic design has to serve your business objectives and communication needs. Our team of designers work with a hugely varied lineup of businesses and industries to successfully meet complex design requirements. Each job is unique to us and we ensure that everyone is viewed and developed with fresh eyes and defined objectives. At House of Design, we help clients to stand out, to be picked from the crowd. Our rigorous design strategies set our clients apart - from logo development to the roll-out of crisp visuals across all branded printed material and literature.